Remembering Grishy’s Better Days

2008 Unknown Meet || Floor Exercise

2009 Russian Championships || Balance Beam

2010 City of Jesolo Trophy || Floor Exercise

2010 European Championships || Floor Exercise AA

2010 European Championships || Uneven Bars EF

2012 City of Jesolo Trophy || Floor Exercise

2012 Olympic Games || Balance Beam TQ

2012 Olympic Games || Floor Exercise TQ

2013 Cottbus World Cup || Uneven Bars EF

2013 European Championships || Balance Beam EF

I’m so bored at my hall and my floor friend isn’t back until late tonight :( so does anyone want to entertain me?


nothing brings the gymternet together quite like our collective hatred of gymnastike does

Rebecca Bross: The Junior Years [10/15]


come on Kyla, you can’t just stick your tongue out at the judges…

Mustafeener’s All-Time Favorite Gymnasts | Viktoria Komova | Russian Federation